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Burnett Investment SL, through its brands IberEnglish® and Kids English Club® organizes and directs the camp. The company has been active in the field of English training for more than 15 years in Madrid. IberEnglish® runs two English academies in the district of Tetuán, one in the C / Mundillo 3 - 28029 Madrid and another in the C / Amalia 9 - 28020 Madrid, where courses and general classes are given from September to June and intensive courses during the summer months. We are a serious company, with more than 15 years of experience in the market, dedicated to the teaching of English and to the promotion of bilingualism, with our own facilities, personnel, materials and the corresponding civil liability insurance. You can see the details at the bottom of the page and in the legal notices.
The camps are held in our own facilities or others rented for this purpose. In any case they take place in comfortable and accessible places where we take care of making the most of the space to develop a program of fun, safe activities ALL IN ENGLISH. The facilities, as we say, are comfortable, accessible, equipped with air conditioning and can be visited with advanced notice.
The camp is designed for children between 4 and 11 years. Children from 3 years old are accepted if they will be 4 years old this year and have a certain level of autonomy. We also accept children over 11 years as pre-monitors/junior counselors. This is a special role that we give to the tweens and teens with a focus on leadership development, allowing them to form part of the camp in a meaningful and useful way.
We have been organizing children's activities 100% in English since 2009 and are delighted to continue with this camp that is quickly becoming a favorite among the English speaking community in Madrid.
It means that the main language of the camp is English. All activities are designed for the children to develop their communication skills in English. They will have to follow and give instructions, communicate with the monitors and with their campmates, all in English.
This camp is different from other urban camps in Madrid where English is simply another activity in a day full of activities. In our camp, children are involved in a variety of activities throughout the day, IN ENGLISH.
It is a camp for bilingual children and also for those who aspire to be so. It is also for those who are being raised bilingually and those, who in both cases, need opportunities to take what they have learned during the school year and use it in ways that significantly help them increase their confidence in the use of English.
No, unless your child has not received English classes at school. Currently English is mandatory in the Spanish educational system, and for example, a 7 year old has received several years of English in school, so she/he should be sufficiently qualified to attend our camp.
Not at all, our native teachers / monitors, although they are professionally dedicated to teaching English, are competent Spanish speakers and if they see the need they would speak in Spanish with the children. They resort to Spanish only when necessary.
The staff that work at the camps are native speakers from an English-speaking country, GB, USA, Canada, etc. All have their university studies in their countries of origin, postgraduate master and experience in this type of activities with children. Additionally, they are certified in first aid. Usually they are the same teachers who accompany us throughout the academic year teaching English to children and adults.
Certainly not. Part of the activities take place outdoors in a nearby public park or on our large terrace, where the campers enjoy a shady and secure environment, continuously monitored by our staff. Weather permitting, children go out twice a day to play games and sport activities.
The main activities of the camp take place from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. It is also possible to extend the schedule a little more with the pre-camp service from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and later, from 14:00 p.m. to 03:30 p.m., or even until 16:00 p.m. when the need for a longer schedule is required
The number of campers is very limited, and depends on the capacity of the facilities and how groups are composed according to reservations. As in previous years we will inform you about the evolution of reservations on our website. We recommend making reservations as soon as the needs are clear.
Yes, there are discounts depending on the time of reserving, for siblings and if you come with a friend. Some of the discounts are cumulative.
Complete the online budget request form, and in a short time we will respond with a quote with all prices and discounts. This way allows us to collect the data necessary to attend your request in accordance with the Data Protection Act.
Once the decision has been made, instructions on payment, etc., are included in the same budget document. Transfers and bank cards are accepted, for cash payment you must go to our office on Calle Amalia 9.
Yes, the facilities can be visited any day from Monday to Friday. Give us a call to make sure we can assist you. During the weeks before the beginning of camp, a few open houses are usually scheduled where interested families can come and meet directly with the camp personnel, recieve a guided tour of the facilities and have their questions addressed personally.

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