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We are a mixed parent family (mum Spanish, dad British) who were applying the “OPOL” (One Parent One Language) method since Adriana’s birth. Problem was that after work we only had a few hours at home to dedicate. Then despite even more English immersion at school and even Mum beginning to speak English at home too, we realized we had to find another catalyst, something bigger, to finally get Adriana speaking all that language that her little mind had been processing the last years. Just on the 2nd day at “IberEnglish / Kids English Club” we began to see something exciting was starting to happen. It was like a volcano erupting ! And then every day she was speaking like 20% more than the previous day ! The transformation was truly astonishing and after 2 weeks we decided without a doubt that we would keep her at the camp for the whole 6 week duration. Once you see such an astonishing rate of progression you just want to keep going ! The team is a group of highly skilled, dedicated and professional natives who immerse the kids in clever activities and crafts daily and in reduced groups. I have worked in camps myself and could see that this is truly a unique product that ticks all the boxes. It’s not about giving kids iPads and other passive activities and games. It’s about genuine social stimulation through clever craft and fun interaction, to really make the kids think, and all within a bubble of English immersion right through the whole day. IberEnglish deserves to feel proud of what they have accomplished. It has been a truly life-changing experience for my family, and especially for Adriana. I just cannot thank “IberEnglish and The Kids English Club” enough. A massive thank you again to all the team ! Looking forward to next year already !!

>> Mike

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>> Mike


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